Help your pet patients maximize their health

By analyzing 200+ unique molecules in their fur, Everfur helps you anticipate what your pet may need from you next.

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Created with vets

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Personalized steps to improve health

Everfur gives unique insight into the metabolic state by looking at over 200 biomarkers. We then suggest actionable steps to improve the patients health

The report gives a high level overview of metabolic condition while giving disease risk for important diseases. Actionable clinical guidelines are presented to set the patient up for long term health success

Easy to interpret results

Increase compliance in your practice

Early detection of diseases

Customized steps to improve pet health

A custom veterinary report

It's accurate

Fur represents your pet’s health over time, letting us draw conclusions with greater precision.

It’s painless

Say goodbye to needles, mouth swabs, or stressful in-office procedures.

It lets us look ahead

We give you recommendations and questions to ask your vet, so you can stay a step ahead of your pet’s needs.

How It Works

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Collect their fur

We only need 1-2 brush strokes-worth. Seal it in the pouch and send it back.

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We cover everything from overall well-being to disease risks — so you can optimize how you care for them. View a sample report

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We only need 1-2 brush strokes-worth. Seal it in the pouch and send it back.

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A tuft of fur today could keep a surgery away.